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We'd say the person who was loved is never forgotten as long as they are remembered in the hearts of those who had the privilege of loving them, living with them and who accepted them for who they were.


Upload a picture of the loved one you lost, with a simple line of love, or the date of birth and the date of the demise of your loved one.

This image and line of love will be displayed at and free of charge, as part of the Little Extra service, we at A.F.Raymond provide

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The Birth of An Idea

A.F. Raymond is the country’s oldest family owned Funeral Business in South East Asia. Founded by William Arthur Francis Raymond in 1885, A.F. Raymond has been in the forefront of the business since its inception. Our lists of ‘firsts’ include the first motorized hearses in 1918, to our most recent trailblazing effort, the Remembrance Wall which was launched this year.

The Remembrance Wall is a direct result of the current times we live in. A world of a pandemic, a world of social distancing and a world where people are discouraged from crowding in enclosed areas. In this background, we understood the need of people to remember their loved ones who have passed. The Remembrance Wall was born.
The Remembrance Wall is an idea whose time has come.